Network usage showing as unrestricted for some computers
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Network usage showing as unrestricted for some computers


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IT Management Suite


Two computers are showing as network usage is unrestricted when they have valid throttling settings active.


The Enable Bandwidth Control option under the Software Delivery tab of the Notification Server agent is unchecked.


This option can be manually checked or the registry entry can be set as below:

Name: Enable Bandwidth Control          Value: 1

This can be done by creating a .reg file containing:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Enable Bandwidth Control"=dword:00000001

and then running the following command line on the affected computers (confirmed for Microsoft Windows* 2003 and XP):

regedit /s <name/path of reg file>

It is not necessary to restart the Notification Server agent, and the changes will be reflected after the next configuration request.

It is recommended that this option be hidden from the user.

Applies To
Application Metering Documentation 6.1.32
Application Metering Language Pack 6.1.32
Application Metering Solution 6.1.32
Asset Contract Language Pack 6.2.1147
Asset Contract Report Language Pack 6.2.1048
Asset Contract Report Pack 6.2.1049
Asset Control and Contract Management Solution 6.2.1152
Asset Control and Contract Management Solution Documentation 6.2.1032
Audit Integration Component Documentation 6.1.1004
Client Task 6.0.1356
Connector for Active Directory Documentation 6.1.1019
Console 6.5.1144
Console Data 6.5.1156
Console Data Language Pack 6.5.1146
Console Documentation 6.5.1024
Console Language Pack 6.5.1144
Deployment Solution 6.8.282
Email Event Receiver 6.1.1091
Integrated Component for Microsoft Active Directory 6.1.842
Inventory Pack for Servers 6.1.1031 
Inventory Pack for Servers Documentation 6.1.1019 
Inventory Solution for Network Devices 6.0.1198
Inventory Solution for Windows 6.1.1075
Inventory Solution for Windows Documentation 6.1.1059
Network Discovery 6.0.2120
Network Discovery Language Pack 6.0.4
Notification Server 6.0.6074
Notification Server Documentation 6.0.1056 
NS 6.0 SP3 Update (KB27859) 6.0.44
Package Rule Management 6.1.4085
Package Rule Management Language Pack 6.1.4085
Patch Management Solution for Windows 6.2.3644
Patch Management Solution for Windows Language Pack 6.2.3644
Power Control Task 6.0.1356
Real Time System Manager 6.2.1142
Real Time System Manager Documentation 6.2.1015
RealTime Console Infrastructure 6.2.1145
Report Pack for Application Metering 6.1.1080 
Report Pack for Inventory Pack for Servers 6.1.1039
Report Pack for Inventory Solution for Windows 6.2.1044
Report Pack for Real Time System Manager 6.2.1046
Report Pack for Software Delivery Solution 6.1.1101
Report Pack for Software Delivery Solution for Windows 6.1.1080
Report Pack for Software Virtualization Solution 2.1.1015
Report Pack for Task Server 6.0.1007
Script Task 6.0.1356
Service Control Task 6.0.1356
Software Delivery for Task Server Plug-In 6.1.1030
Software Delivery Solution for Windows 6.1.1058
Software Delivery Solution for Windows Documentation 6.1.1041
Software Virtualization Solution 2.0.1393
Software Virtualization Solution Documentation 2.0.1031
Task Management 6.0.1356
Task Management Pack 6.0.1033
Task Management Pack Language Pack 6.0.1033
Task Server Documentation 6.0.1013
Task Server Language Pack 6.0.1357
Wise Toolkit 6.1.3
Computer Management 6.2.3529
Inventory Rule Management 6.2.3593
Patch Management Core Solution 6.2.3643
Report Pack for Patch Management Solution 6.2.3647
Report Pack for Patch Management Solution for Windows 6.2.3644
Software Management 6.2.4270