VIP Web Services - Error 4E00: Malformed Request
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VIP Web Services - Error 4E00: Malformed Request


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VIP Service


When SOAP call is made to Symantec VIP web servers, an error is returned.

Reason Code: 4E00
Status Message: Malformed request
ErrorDetail: Invalid URL or content type (XML or SOAP)


The XML request is not in a valid format. The content type is not being sent correctly.


  1. Ensure the URL is correct.
  2. The XML request may contain invalid or incomplete data. Submitting the same XML outside of the application with CURL returns the same request. To change this with CURL, use the -H "Content-Type: text/xml" tag in the CURL command to set the content type. Some SOAP applications may need the content type to be explicitly set in the header to ensure the content type is received as text\XML.‚Äč
  3. Ensure proper end-of-line /r/n formatting is used to conform to STRICT.