Push not working on Android device - 6010 error
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Push not working on Android device - 6010 error


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On an Android device, push is not working.  The push notification appears, but when the Connect button is pushed, there is an error displayed on the device.


6010: The push access is no longer valid.  It may have expired, or it may have been approved or denied on another device.


The Android device and Credential ID is out os sync.


Follow these steps.

1) On the Android device, go to Settings -> Date and Time -> Automatic Date Time, and make sure it is turned ON.
2) In the VIP Access app on the device, go to Settings and select the Sync VIP Access option.
3) If this is still not working, go to https://vip.symantec.com/ from a browser and enter the Credential ID and security code to check and reset.
4) If still not working, remove then reinstall the VIP Access App from the Play Store.