Task deletions and WBS Sort value
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Task deletions and WBS Sort value


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What does it happen to the WBS Sort value when a project task is deleted? is the WBS Sort updated with some sort of logic?



Let's use an example:

A task with no actuals can be deleted. If we delete an intermediate task (the one highlighted above), no changes occur to the WBS Sort of the remaining project tasks.

If we remove the highest WBS Sort value task (task does not have actuals), no changes occur to the WBS Sort of the remaining project tasks, but the WBS Sort will be reused if we create a new task

Now, what happens if we try to delete a task with actuals (task1 on above screenshot)?

We get an error stating that the task can not be deleted because of committed actuals. And what happens to the WBS Sort?

A new task has been created with the next WBS Sort value. The task is called Deleted Task

The task we tried to delete has changed the WBS Sort to the next available value after the Deleted Task

Only the WBS Sort of task with actuals that we try to delete are reset. rest of the project remains the same.

If multiple tasks with actuals exist, all of them are pushed up on the WBS if Deleted Tasks exist.

Please see example below:

We will try to delete the highlighter task with Sort 18. Please note Task 21 too

Now that the Deleted Tasks exist if we try a deletion once again:

Both tasks with actuals have been pushed up: now at WBS Sort 23 and 24

In Summary, Tasks with no actuals will not be touched. Tasks with actuals against might see their WBS Sort modified as the consequence of trying to delete it