When try to deploy an image to a client computer, receive the error, "The operation was cancelled"
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When try to deploy an image to a client computer, receive the error, "The operation was cancelled"


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Deployment Solution


Error message "Operation was cancelled by the user" with error code 2 when trying to deploy an image to a client computer. The RDeploy log files indicates the following:

Error description:
     The operation was cancelled.

==================== Technical details ====================
Logfile = created  Build = rdeployt 6.8 (8192)
Cmdline = /mnt/ds/RDeploy/Linux/rdeployt -noprompt -md -f./Images/image.img -mcint:
Status = 2 (0x2)
Source file = imglib/fio/splitfile.cpp
Line number = 857 (0x359)
Stack trace = 0x80af865 0x80afcb4 0x80afe51 0x8155420 0x80b1ce9 0x808c07d 0x8091f6a 0x8086320 0x804bcfb 0x804feea 0x804ff2a 0x80508a8 0x805ab61 0x804ec5a 0x8058841 &Known=0x8146190
Imaging library revision = 8192 (linux-x86-release build, Fri Sep  1 02:22:49 2006)


1. The image was greater than 2 GB but only the first image.img file was available. The subsequent image file image files (.002, .003, etc.) were missing.

2. Drive mappings or image path locations were incorrect.

3. The image or one of the image files was corrupt. It is also possible that creating the image captured bad sectors from the source machine.

4. When using Linux Automation and the image is located on spanned CD/DVDs, the error can occur when RDeploy tries to signal the user that the next CD/DVD is required.


  1. If the image is larger than 2 GB, the image will be split into separate files with the subsequent files using the file extension of .002, .003, etc. Use an .img image that includes all parts of the image in the same location.
  2. Verify correct drive mappings in the PXE Server Configuration and correct image location path in the Distribute Image task.
  3. Run CHKDSK on the source machine and capture the image again. Running CHKDSK should mark all bad sectors so when the image capture process takes place, it will not try to capture corrupt information on those sectors. After the CHKDSK is run on the source machine, recapture the image. Note: Unfortunately, there is no way to fix a corrupted image file.
  4. The RDeploy application, when run through Linux Automation, is unable to interact with the user.


Applies To
Deployment Solution 6.8 through 6.9 SP3.