{VIP.EN_US} | Add a user group with SMS Credentials in VIP Manager
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{VIP.EN_US} | Add a user group with SMS Credentials in VIP Manager


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VIP Authentication Service



  1. Ensure SMS credentials are active on the account.  Enable this by logging into VIP Manager, clicking on the Account tab and then selecting VIP Policy Configuration from the menu on the right hand side of the page.

    By default the following is displayed;

  2. Select the edit option on the top right of the box and check the “SMS (text message)” box.

    Save these settings.

  3. Select Manage User Groups from the menu on the right of the page

  4. Click the Add User Group option.

    Fill in the Name & Description fields for the group;

  5. Click on the Custom button for Types Allowed in the Credential Policy section.

    Confirm that SMS (Text Message) is selected and de-select any/all other Credential types if SMS is the only type allowed for this group.

  6.   Click on the Add button to create the group


    The following should now be displayed;

  7. Ensure the Account has SMS OTP provisioned in order to use the service.  Check the Account tab, and select the Dynamic Provisioning tab to confirm this.

  8. Please contact your Sales Rep / Account Manager if SMS OTP credentials are not provisioned for your account.