"Session Expired" message when accessing the VIP Manager or VIP Self Service Portal.
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"Session Expired" message when accessing the VIP Manager or VIP Self Service Portal.


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VIP Service


Timeout error occurs after logging into the Symantec Cloud VIP Manager URL ( https://manager.vip.symantec.com/vipmgr/signin.v ) or the VIP My VIP or Self-Service Portal (VIP SSP). The user is able to enter their email address, password, and OTP, but within seconds of successfully entering the portal, the user is kicked out with the error message: "Session Expired."


If the IP address changes at any time during the connection, a timeout will occur error after VIP services detects the change and drops the connection. If traffic is going through a proxy, this likely requires a configuration change to allow traffic through. Connections to VIP Manager and the VIP SSP should be mapped to a single proxy server in your environment. Connections need to be a persistent IP address. 

  • Load balancers - VIP Manager traffic should maintain a persistent, non-IP address changing connection.
  • VIP services via Proxy - bypass the proxy (as a test only). Configure the proxy appropriately.
  • Maintain a consistent connection - do not use multiple IP addresses or vApp IP pooling.
  • Check firewall and security software settings, and website filtering software. VIP Manager traffic should be allowed through firewalls, with connection resets disabled.
  • Test with another browser.
  • Check local internet connections setting. In Network Settings, de-select the boxed ‘Automatically Detect Settings’ and ‘Use a Proxy Server for Your LAN’.
  • Flush and renew your DNS and IP address.
  • Enable developer tools in the browser and capture network data during the timeout. Note the HTTP error code, if one is seen.