Linux boot does not mount correctly and error states "No express mount found"
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Linux boot does not mount correctly and error states "No express mount found"


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Deployment Solution


Simply change the Service account password that Linux automation uses during the authentication and you could possibly see this issue.

Linux boot does not authenticate. The error states, "No access smb mount: rc.agent warning no express mount found."

Network unreachable:

No express mount found return code 101 network is unreachable. Mount Error 13 = Permission Denied




  1. Change the Account to use WORKGROUP instead of Domain account to authenticate.
  2. Edit the Linux Boot Configuration.
  3. Check the mount.local file from C:\Program Files\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\PXE\MasterImages\MenuOption130\BDC\shared\etc; it shows the proper mount commands.

    mkdir /mnt/ds
    asmbmount -b -d workgroupname -f /administr.pwl //Altiris/eXpress /mnt/ds
  4. At the Linux automation # Type ls pci. Does it show Hardware details? This will ensure the correct drivers are binding.
  5. In Deployment Server 6.8.378 build the Mounts.local shows the path as /etc.   Select F2 and change the name to Mounts.txt and this will show the path above in clear text. When you have verified the paths are correct then rename to Mounts.local
  6. Also verify that the eXpress share security share/NTFS permissions also contain the credentials of the PXE user used in the Automation boot image.
  7. Verify where is the image being stored? 
    • Default Image location
    • Different Virtual Drive
    • Different Physical Drive

Use Step 3 to configure the mapped drives.

  1. Create a new job in the Deployment Server Win32 console.
  2. Add a Create Disk Image task
  3. In the task under "Enter the path and file name" put the following path and filename: "/mnt/images/test.img"
  4. Check the box for Local image store
  5. Leave the automation type to "Default Automation."
  6. Click on either Next or Finish

Article # 19493 How to store images on a different drive or server (Local Image Store)  


Applies To
Deployment Solution 6.8-6.9