Panvalet Load Module Auditor exit, PVLMAUD, not inserting a CSECT and DC statement


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CA Panvalet


According to the System Management documentation the Load Module Auditor exit, PVLMAUD, will insert a CSECT and DC statement immediately before the END statement when assembling assembler programs if PVLMAUD is implemented and the ' END ' statement starts in column 9.

Updated the program to have the END statement starting in column 9 but the CSECT and DC statements are not being added.

What else needs to be done?



Release:  14.6
Component:   CA Panvalet


The END statement requirement in the System Management : Generalized Exits, Load Module Auditor, Specifications For the Sample Exit specifies:

  • In BAL, a blank CSECT statement and a DC statement are generated immediately preceding the END statement and have altered sequence numbers.

BAL ' END ' must start in column 9, or it is not found, and the stamp is not inserted.


Any time ' END ' is encountered in BAL source column 9, the stamp is inserted (this does not include such things as comment lines).  -  With the exception of comment statements, which are identified and ignored, every statement containing ' END ' in columns 9-13 causes the timestamp to be inserted.


Note there is a leading and trailing blank around END, so ' END ' is read as "blankENDblank"

The leading blank starts in column 9, END is in 10-12, and the trailing blank is in 13.