An exception occurred while attempting to process jobs request
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An exception occurred while attempting to process jobs request


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IT Management Suite Task Server


Existing Altiris Client Task Agents are unable to register with any Task Server and the following error appears in the Notification Server logs:

Log File Name: C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Logs\a.log
Priority: 1
Date: 2/23/2007 3:07:04 PM
Tick Count: 11160750
Host Name: SERVER
Process: w3wp.exe (3232)
Thread ID: 3300
Module: AltirisNativeHelper.dll
Source: Altiris.ClientTask.*
Description: An exception occurred while attempting to process jobs request.  Error: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
   at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Connect(EndPoint remoteEP)
   at Altiris.Core.Sockets.SecureRemoting.SecureRemotingClient.EstablishConnection()
   at Altiris.Core.Sockets.SecureRemoting.SecureRemotingClient.AttempSendRequest(String service, Hashtable input)
   at Altiris.Core.Sockets.SecureRemoting.SecureRemotingClient.SendRequestI(String service, Hashtable input)
   at Altiris.Core.Sockets.SecureRemoting.SecureRemotingClient.SendRequest(String service, Hashtable input)
   at Altiris.ClientTask.Server.Web.WebClientApiManager.ProcessGetTasksRequest(NameValueCollection queryValues, Stream requestStream, Int32 contentLength)

From the agent side, Altiris Client Task Agents will log the following warning while attempting to register:

Priority: 2
Date: 2/23/2007 15:10:01
Tick Count: 79769234
Host Name: SERVER
Process: AeXNSAgent.exe (5376)
Thread ID: 4432
Module: Client Task Agent.dll
Source: Client Task Agent
Description: CAtrsException exception, error = "Unable to register", OS error = 2147549183, at line 440         re-throw at CTaskAgentBase::CheckRegister


This issue can be caused if no Task Servers are configured for the Notification Server.


Verify that a Task Server is available on the Notification Server. For example, open the Task Server portal page in the Altiris 6.5 Console by clicking on Manage > Jobs from the menu bar. This portal page will contain a list of Task Servers that are available on the Notification Server and how many clients have registered with each one. Ensure the list is not blank, as the Notification Server needs at least one available Task Server to function properly. Additional Task Servers can be deployed through the Altiris 6.5 Console by clicking Manage > Jobs and then navigating through the tree to Task Management > Task Server Configuration > Task Server Rollout. For more information on deploying Task Servers, see the Task Server help guide on our Web site at

Applies To

Notification Server 6.0.6074

Task Management 6.0.1356