Network Discovery install corrupted - how to fully remove Network Discovery
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Network Discovery install corrupted - how to fully remove Network Discovery


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Altiris Network Discovery


Network Discovery Solution install is corrupt (various symptoms), including:
  • Cannot uninstall or Repair: Error finding install MSI (sometimes referenced as Altiris_NetworkDiscovery_6_0.msi).
  • Items missing from the console, or links broken to the Network Discovery console items.

How do I fully and cleanly uninstall Network Discovery?


The causes can vary. 


 This process shows how to fully uninstall Network Discovery.  Please NOTE that these steps include all possibilities and some of the items will not be present, especially if the standard uninstall appeared successful in removing most items.
  1. In Add/Remove Programs uninstall Network Discovery (if possible).
  2. Delete the folders/files from the following locations if present: 
    1. C:\Program Files\Altiris\Setup Files\Altiris Network Discovery
    2. Install Path\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\Discovery
    3. Install Path\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\Install\Altiris_NetworkDiscovery_6_0.exe
    4. Install Path\Program Files\Altiris\NetworkDiscovery
  3. From this location you must review the properties of the files to learn what .MSI is for which product. It will be under the Title beneath the Summary tab. This location is a hidden system folder, so you may need to turn off hiding system files and folders under View > Folder Options > View tab. C:\<WINDIR>\Installer. Delete these files, if present: 
    1. Altiris Network Discovery as the product name.
  4. Bring up the registry editor (Start, Run, type regedit, and click 'OK').  Do a search for the string 'networkdiscovery' (if using 6.0 SP2 or earlier) or 'network discovery' (if using 6.0 SP3 or later).  Keep searching through the entire registry.  When an instance is found, on the right check to make sure it is the main install for Network Discovery and not a report pack, language pack, etc.  When found, you'll want to delete the corresponding GUID key where the values are present on the left.  This will be true for some items, but not others.  Only delete the left-side key if it is a GUID, as shown here:
  • Go to Start > Run and type %temp% and click OK. Delete the contents of this working Temp directory so that all remnant installation files are removed.
  • Delete the contents of Temporary Internet Files under your user’s profile.
  • Browse to C:\Windows\Assembly and look for any files labeled: Altiris.NetworkDiscovery...  Delete these files.
  • Open the Internet Information Systems (IIS) Manager and delete the following item: Default Web Site, Altiris, Item: NetworkDiscovery

    The uninstall should now be complete.  If required, now reinstall as the install should execute cleanly.

  • Applies To
    Notification Server 6.0x
    Network Discovery 6.0x