Add Administrator via VIP Manager
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Add Administrator via VIP Manager


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VIP Service


Add Administrator via VIP Manager


  1. Log into

  2. Click the Account tab in the menu

  3. Select "Create VIP Administrators" from the Links menu on the right-hand side of the VIP Manager Screen.
  4. Fill in First Name, Last Name, Email Address, then assign permissions.

  5. The Credential ID can be filled in at this point if you know the Administrators credential ID.  The Administrator can add this in at a later stage.
  6. Click the "Create Administrator" button
  7. The administrator will be sent an e-mail with a temporary password to sign in.  Once the administrator has signed in with the temporary password, the system will prompt them to set a new password.

    Note:  The temporary password is only valid for 30 minutes.  If this has exceeded, click Forgot your password from  This will generate a new temporary password that will be sent to the administrator's e-mail address.