Create a new production domain in Symantec Endpoint Security
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Create a new production domain in Symantec Endpoint Security


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Endpoint Protection


  • After you activate your paid subscription for Symantec Endpoint Security, the product switches from the Symantec Testpad domain to the production domain.
  • The default production domain name reflects the organization name that is associated with your Symantec Security Cloud account.



Creating new production domains

On the Home page, you see your default production domain, or workspace. In your production domain, you manage products for which you have a paid license applied.
Any configuration changes that you made in the Symantec Testpad do not appear in the production domain. From the production domain, you must perform one of the following actions on the Windows device:
  • Overinstall with the client installation package for the production domain.
  • Run the smc -cloudmanaged command to move the clients from the Testpad domain to the production domain.
You must also reconfigure your policies in the production domain.

To create a new production domain

1. Do one of the following steps:
  • Go to ICDm > Settings > Domain Management.
  • Go to the domain switcher in the top right-hand corner.

2. Select Create Domain, enter a domain name, and select Create.
It may take a few minutes for the new domain name to appear. Use the drop-down at the top of the console to view the new domain.
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