You want Data Identifier keywords to be highlighted in your incidents
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You want Data Identifier keywords to be highlighted in your incidents


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


By default, detected keywords in regard to Data Identifiers are not highlighted in the incident snapshot.

There is an option of having the "Highlight DI in incident snapshot" in the Data Identifier, but ticking the option to “Highlight keywords in incident” and clicking "Save" atop the screen does not save that change.


Enforce 15.x.


If you want to update an existing Validator in the Data Identifier (DI) configuration, simply clicking on the "save" button will not commit any changes made to the Validators within the Data Identifier.


After making any changes to Validator options in a Data Identifier, click on the "Add Validator" button to update it.

Nota bene: If you hover over the "Add Validator" button, you are presented with an option to "Update Validator".



After clicking on the "Add Validator" button, using the regular "Save" button at the top of the window will preserve these changes to the Data Identifier.

Additional Information

"Help Center" documentation for this topic will be updated, as per these links to the appropriate sections of 15.7 and 15.8:

Editing pattern validator input ( [15.7]

Editing pattern validator input ( [15.8]

Click Update Validator to save the changes you have made to the validator input.
Click Discard Changes to not save the changes.