Replacing parts for SEDR-S550 CRU
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Replacing parts for SEDR-S550 CRU


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Endpoint Detection and Response


As a customer of either Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response (SEDR), you purchased a physical SEDR-S550 appliance . The appliance hardware has a critical problem, and you need assistance with ordering and using a Chassis Replacement Unit (CRU).


Contact Symantec Technical Support for assistance with confirming the issue and identifying a workaround. If no workaround is possible, then Symantec Technical Support will assist with warranty coverage, which may include either a full unit replacement for S550 or a CRU for S550.

Upon receipt of a CRU for SEDR-S550 appliance, note the following important information which does not appear on the instruction lable on the CRU of the SEDR-S550:

  1. Before beginning steps for transferring components as shown on the CRU label, please obtain a phillips head screwdriver. A philips head screwdriver is needed to complete transfer of the boot devices.
  2. Before beginning steps for transferring components as shown on the CRU label, please create a bootable USB stick with the osrestore material for SEDR appliance. After transfer of components from the original chassis to the CRU, reinstalling the SEDR software is needed to rebuild and re-associate the RAID10 array.
  3. Step 05 does not mention two screws present in the CRU where the boot devices will be placed. These two screws must be removed before transferring the boot devices. On Step 05, remove two screws from CRU before removing screws for boot devices from the original unit.
  4. After instructions on the CRU label are complete, to force the appliance to properly re-detect components, continue to work with support to make the RAID components from the previous chassis as not foreign to the CRU.
  5. Insert the USB stick and boot to install the SEDR appliance software, thereby completing hardware re-detection.