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Limit VHM modeling within CA Spectrum to particular virtual machines and ESX hosts.


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CA Spectrum



When modeling your virtual architecture within CA Spectrum via Virtual Host Manager you may want to limit which virtual machines and/or ESX hosts get modeled within Spectrum. This is particularly useful when using multiple VCAIM managers for different spectrum environments.


The user in which the VCAIM uses to connect to the vcenter can have its rights restricted to have access to only certain ESX hosts and/or virtual machines in vcenter. Spectrum will only model what the VCAIM user can see in the vcenter. After the VCAIM users rights have been restricted within the vcenter, logon as that user in a vsphere client and confirm the user can only see the wanted virtual machines and/or ESX hosts. Spectrum will only model those virtual machines and/or ESX hosts when the VCAIM manager is modeled in Spectrum


Release: SPDBIP99000-9.4-Spectrum-Device Based Suite-IP Services Manager