How is FILSZ value determined?
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How is FILSZ value determined?


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We have a job that is failing with sort capacity exceeded.
This was resolved by coding more and larger SORTWKxx datasets.
But what we would like to know was the SORTCNTL options in the SORT SYSOUT. Where are they are coming from? It looks like Easytrieve is dynamically generating the options.

Example: How did Easytrive come up with the FILSZ=E1000 when the input file was over 40,000 records?


SIZE may be specified on the SORT statement:

[SIZE literal-1]

Since the number of records in files created by previous activities is known, that information is automatically supplied to the sort program. If the file was not created by a previous activity, you can enhance sort efficiency by supplying the approximate number of records as literal-1 on the optionalSIZE parameter. The default file size is 1000 records.


Component: EZTRVE