DDOL000017C error received when signing on DDOX or DDOL


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- After upgrading CA Datacom/DB to release 14.0, any user is getting the following error message when trying to sign on under DDOX or DDOL:




- Happening under CICS during Signon to transaction DDOL.




From the IPC Message Reference Guide 14.0: Auxilliary code 12(x'0C') means: The first block of the online library has an invalid format.

- From CA Datacom/DB Message Reference Guide: for error message  DDOL000017C : $VLS FUNC=INIT,[email protected],RC=4,AUX/[email protected]

  • Reason: A Virtual Library System (VLS) internal error has occurred while you attempted to initialize the named VLS file. The library name replaces @1 when the message is displayed. The VLS auxiliary return code replaces @2.
  • Action: Check the AUX/RC in the CA IPC (IPC) Virtual Library System (VLS) documentation prior to contacting CA Support. 


Try again. A recurrence of this error means that the library was destroyed.

To recover the library, ask your Site Administrator to restore it from a backup file. If this library was a new on-line library, reformat it.

However, after the installer re-formats the DDOFILE Workfile, same error occurred.

Problem was resolved after re-cycling the CICS region.

It is recommended to take one of the following action:

  •  To reformat when the CICS region has been shutdown.  
  •  To re-cycle CICS if the format was done when the CICS region was up and running.

Additional Information:

FORMAT Function 
The FORMAT function formats a new VLS file or re-formats an existing VLS file for processing. Any existing members in the file you format are destroyed.

Important! You must recycle CICS after you extend a VLS library. When changing the blocksize of a VLS library, you must also change the CICS FCT entry that accesses that VLS library. Failure to make this change can result in storage violations.

See CA IPC Message Reference Guide 14.0 for any VLS access error message.

See CA Datacom/DB Message Reference Guide for any Datacom or Data Dictionary error.


Release: DATABB00200-14-Datacom/AD