Upgrade Management Center
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Upgrade Management Center


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Management Center


To keep in line with best practices Management Center needs to be upgraded.


  1. Backup your Management Center Configuration
  2. Upload wanted image to Management Center
    1. Option 1: Download image to Workstation and upload Management Center
      1. Access My Downloads from Broadcom support portal and download wanted image to a device that has access to Management center 
      2. Log into Management Center and browse to "Configuration>Files"
      3. Click the "Add File" button
        1. Click the "Select File" button
        2. Browse to wanted image highlight and click "Open"
        3. Click the "Upload" button and the "Close" button when upload is completed.
    2. Direct download to Management Center
      1. Access https://mysymantec.com and copy the URL link from the image link.
      2. Log into the Management Center and browse to "Configuration>Files"
      3. Click the "Transfer File" button
        1. Paste URL in the "Server URL:" filed
        2. Choose "Image"
        3. Click "Run Now"
      4. This may take several minutes
  3. Copy the image URL to be used in the configuration image transfer.
    1. After image has been download/uploaded, highlight the image and click the "Copy URL" button and copy the URL.
  4. Transfer image to configuration through CLI
    1. Connect to Management Center through SSH or Console cable and navigate to enable mode
    2. If you have a self signed cert follow these steps to enable HTTP for transfer of image
      1. (config)# security http enable
    3. Transfer image to configuration
      1. Proxy using a Self Signed Certificate command
        1. #installed-systems load "URL copied in step 4.1 using HTTP and port 8080"
      2. Proxy using Signed Certificate command
        1. #installed-systems load "URL copied in step 4.1"
    4. If HTTP was enable use the following command to disable HTTP
      1. (config)# security http disable
  5. Restart