Expected behavior of the Endpoint Protection Mobile VPN
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Expected behavior of the Endpoint Protection Mobile VPN


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


The SEP Mobile VPN disconnects when I connect on demand.


The SEP Mobile VPN tunnel is designed to protect the device from malicious actors on the network. When SEP Mobile detects content manipulation or interception on the network, the TUN VPN, or Selective Resource Protection (SRP) VPN if configured, will turn on and route the traffic to Symantec to protect your data.

If the user connects to a SEP Mobile VPN on-demand, the VPN will disconnect if no active threat has been detected by SEP Mobile.

SEP Mobile customers desiring an always on VPN can configure it by configuring the WSS integration (iOS devices only), or enabling Content Filtering (this VPN appears as XNDC on iOS devices). SEP Cloud customers using the SEP Mobile app cannot configure an always on VPN.