Hotfix install fails with MSI code 1603 despite proper MSI tags.
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Hotfix install fails with MSI code 1603 despite proper MSI tags.


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Discover


To install an agent hotfix the following commands must be appended to the MSI command



The instructions to add these are in the readme files that come with the hotfix. However even after adding these commands we still fail to install the agent and MSI returns a 1603 code. Which is commonly due to the product already being installed.

SECREPAIR: Error determining package source type

SECUREREPAIR: SecureRepair Failed. Error code: 524FABA0620

Product: <package name> -- Error 1316.The specified account already exists.


Installing a DLP Agent hotfix on the same Major, Minor, and MP version, with a higher hotfix version.


A standard registry check will compare the package names to the name of the MSI attempting to be installed. If the registry entry does not match the name of the actual msi file. the install will fail with an MSI 1603 error.


If the hotfix was uploaded/download directly to the case, please ensure the MSI itself has been renamed to remove any extenuous characters.

Example: AgentInstall-x64_15_1-191015080728.msi

Should be renamed to AgentInstall-x64_15_1.msi