Apple device keeps prompting about app location usage
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Apple device keeps prompting about app location usage


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


iOS device prompts about Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile (SEP Mobile) using app location

SEP Mobile is set to non-interactive mode but I am getting prompts about SEP Mobile app location usage


iOS 13


On devices running iOS 13 Apple periodically alerts users of applications that run in the background and access the device's location. The prompt includes a map of locations and requests the user to reconfirm the location access permission. This permission should be set to "Always Allow" as the app requires this location permission to ensure the app is properly running on the device. The location information accessed by the app and presented on the prompt are stored locally on the device and are not reported to the SEP Mobile servers. The device's location is only reported to the servers for forensic purposes when a security incident occurs on the device, or when end-users view the map of nearby network incidents in the SEP Mobile app.

iOS Location Usage Prompt


The prompt is an iOS prompt and so it will still show up in non-interactive mode since Symantec can not control iOS system notifications.