CPFAUTOUID(YES) And CPFAUTOGID(YES) Control Options Overridden


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The CPFAUTOUID(YES) and CPFAUTOGID(YES) options set in the CA Top Secret parameter file are being overridden.

The TSS MODIFY STATUS displays these options with a value of NO:

085320     TSS9661I        CA TOP SECRET CPF      STATUS         
085320     CPFAUTOUID(NO)             CPFAUTOGID(NO)  


If there are CPF definitions in the NDT, the NDT entries will always override the CA Top Secret parameter file settings.

CPFAUTOUID and CPFAUTOGID are not only control options, but they are also NDT keywords.

Please refer to the CA Top Secret Control Options Guide and User Guide for more details.


Component: AWAGNT