'FSUM9209 cannot execute: reason code = 0b1b011f: EDC5111I Permission denied' accessing directory.


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Receiving message:

'FSUM9209 cannot execute: reason code = 0b1b011f: EDC5111I Permission denied'

TSSOERPT shows the following:

ck_access    TBKEDES  OEDFLTG    108000003          99   8    8    4 
06/26/14  14.177   10.37.46 TBKEDES              TSYS              
Failed - User not authorized to access file               
Function: chdir                User Type: Local                          
Requested Access: Search                                                 
Name flag:     Use CRED_name_flag to determine pathname                  
Pathname: /u/tbkedes                                                     
Filename: tbkedes                                                        
File Permissions: Owner: rwx Group: --- Other: ---                       
Owning UID:            0   Owning GID:          20                       
Volume  : OMVS0B  File Identifier:   01D6D4E5E2F0C2000132000000000003    
File Audit Options:                                                      
User    : Read Failure  Write Failure  Exec/Search Failure               
Auditor : Read None     Write None     Exec/Search None                  
Effective UID:    108000003  Effective GID:           99                 


Component: AWAGNT


Owning UID:            0   Owning GID:          20         

indicates the owning UID and GID.

 Effective UID: 108000003 Effective GID: 99 

indicates the UID and GID being used by the user.

In this case they don't match. The 'File Permissions' bits are set to 700, meaning the owing UID has read, write and execute, but the group and everyone else have no access to this file. Since the user's UID that is trying to access the file is 108000003 and the owning UID is 0, the user does not have access to the file.

This is not a TSS permission issue but a USS permission issue. For example, if you want grant read and execute access to the owning GROUP (OEDFLTG in the example above) and read and execute access to all other users, change the Unix permission bits on the file from 700 to 755.