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Unable to see full SQL statement executed by DPM for collection of 'Scan Type Details'


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CA Capacity Manager CA Distributed Database Management CA Database Analyzer for DB2 for Oracle



As the SQL statements executed by DPM for collection of scan type details is very huge and can not fit in the rows DPM shows only part of SQL Statement.

Refer to 'Scan Type Details' screenshot


By default insight doesn't show full SQL statement. If you want to see the full statement then you need to configure the 'SQL performance statistics' as below and then check those in 'Insight' workbench.

Use SQL Performance Statistics

Once you have configured and enabled the SQL Performance Statistics scan types, you can view them in the Database & OS View SQL Performance Statistics tab.

To view the SQL Performance Statistics

  1. Use the Enterprise Systems, Database & OS, or Alarms Health View and select an Oracle, DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows, or Microsoft SQL Server knowledge agent. The Database & OS View tab displays the name of the agent you selected.

  2. Select the SQL Performance Statistics tab from the Database & OS View. The SQL Performance Statistics tab appears.

  3. Select the scan type you would like to view from the SQL Performance Statistics tree on the left. The following scan types pertain to SQL Performance:

    • Oracle (Active SQL Problems and Top Resource Consumers scan groups)

    • SQL Server (Active SQL Problems and Top Resource Consumers scan groups)

    • DB2 LUW (SQL scan group; this includes Active SQL Problems and Top Resource Consumers scan types)such as Active SQL Problems.

Refer to screenshots attached in the document.

Make sure that you have set sql_archive as On.


Component: HYPCMA

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