Database Utilities fail to install or cannot be found during processing
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Database Utilities fail to install or cannot be found during processing


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Information Centric Analytics


The following errors are logged when installing Information Centric Analytics' (ICA) Database Utilities, or during certain steps of the RiskFabric Processing and RiskFabric Intraday Processing jobs:

Error - Database Utilities Connection Strings, System.IO.IOException: The network name cannot be found.

Error - Database Utilities: System.IO.IOException: The network name cannot be found.

The following affected job steps are of type Operating system (CmdExec):

  • Metric Collector
  • Update DB Utility Versions
  • Send License Expiration Notifications
  • Send Scenario Step Up Emails
  • Send Email Notifications

These run as the proxy RiskFabric Nightly Processing, which points to the credential RiskFabric Nightly Processing. The credential points to a Windows or SQL identity.


If the installation path for the database utilities is inaccessible, installation will fail and subsequently produce an error at the end of installation and again during processing.

If the utilities were installed successfully but the RiskFabric Nightly Processing credential identity account does not have rights to access the Database Utilities path, the job step will fail and produce this error.


Determine whether the path in the job step(s) points to a local path rather than a UNC path to the server where the database utilities have been installed. A local path reference (e.g., 'C:\Program Files\Bay Dynamics\Database Utilities') is interpreted by the SQL Server Agent to be local to the SQL server. If the database utilities were installed on the application server instead of the SQL server, this path will be incorrect. In this case, change the path to use a UNC path pointing to the database utilities on the application server.

If the path is correct, confirm the credential identity account has rights to access the path to which the DB utilities have been installed.