Enable DDNA
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Enable DDNA


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CAS-S400 CAS-S500


  • Digital DNA is a memory analysis technology.
  • In combination with on-box sandboxing's memory snapshots, it automatically reverse engineers memory images and examines code for potentially malicious behavioral traits and threats.
  • Digital DNA is able to detect zero-day attacks, rootkits, and other malware not detected by other solutions.
  • When you enable this experimental feature, the on-box sandboxing service discovers additional, unknown threats.

  • This capability is possible because DDNA is able to examine the code and get insight into unexecuted code paths. It looks beyond evasion techniques and even provides results when supporting malware components are not available.

    NOTE: This option decreases the overall throughput of analyzed samples. In rare cases, it can also lead to false positive detections.


To enable DDNA:

  1. Select Services > Sandboxing > On-box Sandboxing.
  2. In the Experimental Features section, select Enable DDNA.
  3. Save the changes made.