Add and Customize Profiles on Content Analysis
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Add and Customize Profiles on Content Analysis


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ASG-S400 ASG-S500


NOTE: This section is not applicable to Content Analysis VA and CAS S200 because these models do not support on-box sandboxing. 

  • Each base image can have one or more IntelliVM profiles, each with its own customizations. 
  • These customizations include commercial applications, custom applications, additional web browsers, and patches to components. 
  • Customizing profiles allows you to run additional file types through the sandbox analysis process with each one running within its own native application. 
  • Note that only one profile is allowed per base image when in trial mode.


Add a Profile:

  1. Select Services > Sandboxing > On-box Sandboxing.
  2. In the On-box Sandboxing screen, click Add Profile. The Create Profile dialog opens.
  3. From the Select Base list, select the base image you added, for example Win 7*64-sp1-base.
  4. For Profile Name, enter a meaningful name to identify the new profile, for example Win 7 Sales Profile.
  5. (Optional) For Profile Description, enter a detailed explanation of the unique characteristics of this profile, such as browser version, custom applications included.
  6. Click Add Profile.
Customize a Profile:
  1. Click the Manage button, and then click Customize Profile. It will take a moment for the profile to enter customization mode.
  2. Leave the Customize and Build window open.
  3. Use an RDP client (such as Microsoft Remote Desktop) to RDP into port 3389 of the host system; this will give you access to the VM that is in customization mode. NOTE: Leave the Password field blank.
  4. Add additional software, such as commercial or custom applications and web browsers. Log off when finished.
  5. Return to Content Analysis and click the Build Profile button in the Customize and Build window.