Use the HTTP Origin header to apply policy rules in SGOS
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Use the HTTP Origin header to apply policy rules in SGOS


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You would like to apply policy to resources loaded from a particular website using the HTTP Origin header.


Example Use Case

The site is using Amazon AWS for uploading files and the customer is using DLP to scan the files.

The traffic from the original Website initiates other traffic to Amazon AWS, which triggers DLP to scan the traffic.  In addition, it is blocked by false positive.  However, as the files vary, it is not possible to submit the false positive every time.

As a result, customer wants to bypass the traffic originated from specific site.


Below CPL is placed to bypass DLP service for traffic originated from the site.
(Example of site populate origin header : 

condition=Request-x-header-origin_URLs  request.icap_service(no)
define condition Request-x-header-origin_URLs
    request.x_header.Origin = ""