Tokens do not work when using End User Notification Task HTML
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Tokens do not work when using End User Notification Task HTML


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IT Management Suite


While using "End User Notification" Task,

  1. Create a new End User Notification Task
  2. Select HTML as Body paste the following Tokens:
    %SERIALNUMBER%, %OS% , %COMPNAME% and run the Task on your client. 
  3. See if they get resolved correctly. User the Task in a Job and try again. Try to add some Tokens like %DOMAIN% and rerun.
  4. The End User Notification Popup will result in different resolved and unresolved tokens.



ITMS 8.5 RU2


Known issue.
This particular task (End User Notification) does not search for tokens in BODY, when the message type is any of the following:

  • url
  • html
  • cab

But, if the same token with was found in the TITLE (which is always tokenizeable), than token value goes to client and gets replaced in entire content, including BODY.


This issue has been reported to the Symantec Development team. A fix has been targeted for ITMS 8.5 RU3 release.

This problem appears if HTML selected in Body.

If select Plain text, notification works as expected.

Workaround: don't use HTML, use "Plain text" for BODY