"Policy Not Defined" Error when browsing
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"Policy Not Defined" Error when browsing


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


BCWF or BCIS Content Filtering databases update, and the names of categories are changed. A change in category names changes the XML file hosted on the appliance. Usually, this will also change the CPL file, but there are times when it doesn't and the CPL file will remain unchanged. In this instance, when browsing the internet the browser presents a "policy not defined" error. 

(The example below will use Technology and Technology/Internet) 

When creating a policy in the Visual Policy Manager (VPM), category object will read "Technology/Internet". Once a rule is created, in "Configuration > Policy > Policy Files > View Policy > Current Policy > View" may list the policy referring to the category of "Technology" instead of "Technology/Internet" that was defined in policy. "Technology" is the deprecated name of the category object before the database update. If there is a mismatch in the VPM category object and the Current Policy View, this means that the CPL and XML aren't matching. 


In the VPM, repeat the following process on all the rules where the mismatch is found:

  1. Uncheck "Technology/Internet" 
  2. Install policy
  3. Recheck "Technology/Internet"
  4. Install policy
  5. Check Configuration tab > Policy > Policy Files > View Policy > Current Policy > View for compliance