How to delete a domain in Email.Security Cloud portal
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How to delete a domain in Email.Security Cloud portal


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These are some guidelines recommended to follow when removing a domain from your Clientnet Portal.


Before removing a domain in your Email Security Cloud portal, to avoid any email disruptions please make sure to:

1. Note which Email Security.Cloud services are currently being use for the domain.  This will help identify which configurations will need to be changed on your MTA, DNS records (EG. MX, SPF, DKIM).

2. Change your MX records on your DNS to point to your new MX routes.    Also lower your TTL (Time to live) on your DNS to reduce possible disruptions.

3. If the domains is sending outbound messages through Symantec Cloud, it would be recommended to configure your outbound connector to send through your public outbound IP(s) instead of Broadcom's or hostname. 

When you are ready to delete your domain in the Clientnet portal,  please follow the steps below.

1. Log into the portal 

2. Navigate to Dashboard > Services > Email Services > Domains

3. In the Active Domain section, search for the domain and click on the red X to delete.

NOTE**. If your Clientnet tenant only has one domain and you wish to have it removed, you will need to contact our Fulfillment team at ([email protected]) or via webform in order to have that de-provisioned.