Upgrade/Migration process when replacing Management Center hardware
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Upgrade/Migration process when replacing Management Center hardware


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What is the Upgrade/Migration process when replacing MC hardware? 

Is replication possible to get all configs/reports/scripts/users/etc over to new MC ? 

How do I backup/restore Management Center?


Backup functionality is well tested. The recommended process needs to include steps on how to:

1. Deploy, configure and wait for RAID to sync on the new Management Center appliance. 1

2. If necessary, update the new Management Center appliance to be on the same OS version as the Management Center you are replacing (backups can only be restored onto the same version). Please see release notes for that version.

3. Create and export the backup on the Management Center being replaced. 2

IMPORTANT: Before creating the backup on the old appliance, the admin should disable Statistics Monitoring collection on devices. This will ensure monitored devices are no longer sending stats to the old Management Center and will avoid data gaps in Statistics Monitoring reports on the new Management Center appliance. 3

4. Import and restore the Management Center backup on new appliance. 4

5. Perform sanity look around UI/CLI to confirm devices, policies, scripts, scheduled jobs are other desired configuration is in place and correct (hostname for device communications) on new MC after backup restore.

6. Enable Statistics Monitoring collection on devices on the new Management Center.3  


Additional Information


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