Export locations from the Web Security Service
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Export locations from the Web Security Service


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


Export locations from the Web Security Service (WSS) using the information delivered by the content provided of the Portal Account.


Web Security Service



  1. Login in to your Portal Account.
  2. Once you are in the start section, press F12 (opens the developers console).
  3. In the developers console, go to the Network section and check the Preserve log and Disable cache.
  4. On the WSS portal, navigate to the Service section (the Locations section in Network will be the first one shown).
  5. On the developers console, you will see a bunch of data where you will have to find the packet out of the ones called directprovider with the following Request Payload method "getLocationsForDefaultCustomer" in the Headers tab:
  6. Once you find it, select the Response tab and copy the content:

  7. Go to a JSON formatter. For example: https://jsonformatter.org
  8. Paste the content and it will be formatted with tabulations so it can be read easily.

  9. Export it by clicking at the download icon in the upper-right corner. It will be saved as a .txt file and you can parse it with any editor such as Notepad ++.