How to Organize Scripts by Attribute
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How to Organize Scripts by Attribute


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This technique can be useful when you have a large number of scripts and want to better organize them. Think of the attributes as folders for your scripts. By adding different attributes, you can organize your scripts in different ways.


  1. Select Administration > Attributes > Device Scripts.
  2. Click Add Attribute to create a new attribute definition.

    The new attribute's name is Purpose because we want to logically arrange the scripts by their purpose.

    Note: Ensure that Displayed as a default column is checked so this attribute will automatically display on the script list grid.

  3. Click Save.
  4. Select Configuration > Scripts. You will see the Purpose header on the grid.

    If you want to move the Purpose column, you can drag it to a different position.

  5. Hover the mouse cursor over the Purpose header to display the down arrow and click it.

  6. Select Group by this field.
  7. Select a script and click Edit.
  8. Select the Attributes tab and enter a value in the Purpose field.

  9. In this example, we have used TestIteration 1, and Iteration 2. You can see how the grid now organizes the scripts around their attribute values.

You can also setup the attribute to be a picklist if you want to have predefined values.