How to back up Device Configuration on Management Center
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How to back up Device Configuration on Management Center


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Management Center


Management Center allows you to initiate and automate the configuration backup of supported devices. You can select one or more devices or device groups to back up immediately or schedule a job for the backup.

Note: Management Center supports configuration backup/restore/import/export of the following device types: ProxySG, Content Analysis, Malware Analysis, and SSL Visibility. Content Analysis 2.1 SNMP trap settings are not backed up or restored.


  1. From the Network tab, select the supported devices or device groups to back up.
  2. Click Next. The system displays the Backup Devices: Image Settings screen.
  3. Enter the Backup Name and Backup Description. Optionally, you can use variables, as shown in the following graphic. 

  4. To include private key data in the backup, select Include Private Data.

    Currently, only the ProxySG and SSL Visibility appliances support this feature; the option is ignored for other device backups. For the ProxySG appliance, key rings can only be backed up if they were configured to show (Show key pair option) when created. Keys that were not configured to show are not included in backups, even if Include Private Data is selected.

    Note: Completed backups that include private key data include PKI in the content details. ProxySG example:

  5. To secure the backup with the data protection key, select Encrypt Backup. Encrypted backups are only decrypted when the information is sent to the device. When you view the encrypted backup using the preview tab, only the encrypted data shows.
  6. To immediately begin the backup of the selected devices, select Run Now.