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DeployAnywhere process doesn't install complex drivers (Nvidia drivers etc)


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Deployment Solution


When Drivermanager imports drivers into the Drivers database, Drivermanager imports all files listed in the driver INF file. Unfortunately, in complex drivers- usually video drivers- there are additional files that are needed for the driver installation to be successful that are not referenced in the INF file. Because the files aren't referenced in the INF file, the drivers are not imported.

There aren't any errors but the driver doesn't install correctly.


All versions of DS and GSS


Driver manufacturers are not referencing files that are needed for successful driver installation in the INF files.  


In 8.5 Post RU2, a new executable named ''updatedriver.exe' can be used to overcome this limitation.  The file is located on the NS at '<drive>\program files\altiris\deployment\tools'

To use the new executable, follow these steps:

  1. Import the driver using the normal drivermanagement process
  2. Deploy an image and allow DA to run.  DO NOT boot to production.
  3. Gather the Deployanywhere logs
  4. Boot to production
  5. Open device manager and check the hardware ID's of the driver that didn't install
  6. Open the DA log that shows the targeting of drivers and search for the hardwareID of the driver.
  7. Note the name of the driver that DA used.
  8. On the NS go to driversdb and open up the driver folder.
  9. Copy the drivers from the source driver package into the driver folder under driversdb.
  10. Save 'updatedriver.exe' to the root of the driversdb folder.
  11. Open a command prompt and type 'updatedriver.exe <path to the driver>'
  12. 'updatedriver.exe' will add every file in the drivers folder to the driversmanifest.txt