Configuring administrator alerts in endpoint protection mobile
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Configuring administrator alerts in endpoint protection mobile


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


SEP Mobile allows automatic alerts to be configured, so that administrators can be notified when important events occur in the environment.  This document provides an overview of configuring these notifications.  


Login to the Management Console (MC)

Navigate to Settings>Communication>Admin Notifications

There are several Administrator Alerts pre-defined in the environment. Use the drop-down menus to modify any existing rules if desired, or the + button beneath the rule to add an email definition to an existing rule.

To create a new rule, hit the + button that appears when hovering over an existing rule.

Existing conditions include categories for:

  • Security Events
  • Compliance Events
  • Health Events
  • Reports

Most but not all alerts can be configured to be sent for specific severity, ranging from low to high, or for any severity.

Report can only be sent in pdf format

Alerts can be configured to sent to administrators by role (Full Admin, Viewer, & Alert subscriber), to All administrators, or administrators can be specified by name.