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Endpoint Protection client reports a HTTP error 400 when attempting registration with the manager


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Endpoint Protection


Endpoint Protection client appears offline with no green dot. A HTTP 400 error is observed on the client under Help | Troubleshooting > Server Connection Status
Enabling SECREG (TECH230438) debug logging indicates too much Post Registration Data

09/10 11:56:28 [10804:9184] <CHttpReg::ProcessReq> Post Data ContentLength = 11872, Configured MaxPostDataLength = 8096.
09/10 11:56:28 [10804:9184] 4 Too much Post Registration Data.
09/10 11:56:28 [10804:9184]


SEP 14.2 MP1 and newer


Increase the size of the allowable client registration data, which can be configured through a registry key.

Registry location:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\SEPM

Add DWORD MaxPostDataLength with decimal range of 8192 (min) to 131072 (max)

Essentially ((8 – 128) KB * 1024)

For the above example 12 KB * 1024 = 12288 to fit the blocked ContentLength of 11872 as noted in the error message above.

Restart SEPM Services to apply the change.