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Use another VPN Provider with Endpoint Protection Mobile


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


We have an existing VPN provider and would like to use it in conjunction with Endpoint Protection Mobile (SEP Mobile)

Will our existing VPN work at the same time with the SEP Mobile VPN?

Will the SEP Mobile VPN take precedence over our existing VPN?





SEP Mobile can be configured alongside other VPNs as long as

Non-interactive initiation is allowed.

On-demand VPN rules must be allowed for iOS devices

API is required for Android (Most vendors do not expose the required API)


SEP Mobile Selective Resource Protection (SRP) VPN can be used alongside a per-app VPN service. In this use case, disable the SEP Mobile VPN tunnel in Settings > Protection Actions.

Other VPN configurations cannot be used with SRP.

For more information see Using a custom VPN tunnel as a protection against network threats

For assistance configuring your VPN with SEP Mobile, contact support with details about your VPN Vendor, Model, and type.