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Detect Application by hash


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


I have the hash of an application I'd like SEP Mobile to detect





Login to the Endpoint Protection Mobile (SEP Mobile) Management Console (MC)

Navigate to Settings>Security>Apps>Unwanted Apps

Hover over an existing rule and hit + and then Add Android apps definitions.

Enter the name of the desired classification of the unwanted app.

Hit + next to Add app rules for the classification above

From the drop-down menu select APK sha-1 hash is one of the following:

Enter the SHA-1 hash of the undesired app.

Select the desired risk level of the classification.

If desired Test to simulate the results of the unwanted app rule.

Apply Changes

NOTE: SEP Mobile does not support hash detection of iOS (ipa) applications.

NOTE: SEP Mobile only supports SHA-1 hashes for APK files. No other hashing algorithms are supported.