Define unwanted apps in Endpoint Protection Mobile
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Define unwanted apps in Endpoint Protection Mobile


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


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Login into the SEP Mobile Management Console (MC)

Go to Settings>Security>Apps>Unwanted Apps

By default, SEP Mobile includes Unwanted App rules for Sideloaded iOS apps, and for Sideloaded & risky Android apps. These rules can either be modified or removed by the administrator.

To create a new Unwanted App rule, hover over one of the existing rules and hit the + button, or hit the + button next to Add a new rule for detecting unwanted apps in your organization if you've previously removed the rules.

Select either Add Android apps definitions or Add iOS apps definitions

Create a name for the new rule.

Hit + next to Add app rules for the classifcation above.

Android apps can be defined as unwanted by a number of criteria, including:

  • App identifiers
  • App behavior
  • Communication
  • App performance
  • State on device
  • Advertisements
  • App vulnerabilities
  • Installation source
  • Data leakage
  • Standards

iOS apps can be defined by the criteria including:

  • App Behavior
  • Communication
  • App Identifiers
  • Data Leakage
  • Advertisements
  • App Vulnerabilities
  • Installation Source
  • Libraries
  • Standards

Each Unwanted App rule is also assigned a risk level. Assign your defined rule with a corresponding risk level, either Low, Medium, or High risk.