Launch a TCP Tunnel from a Windows 10 Machine
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Launch a TCP Tunnel from a Windows 10 Machine


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Symantec ZTNA


Launch a TCP Tunnel from a Windows 10 Machine through the Secure Access Cloud (SAC).


Secure Access Cloud


  1. Log in to your SAC tenant. Sign in using your Identity Provider (IdP) credentials.
  2. In the application portal, you will see the applications your administrator has authorized you to launch. Launch the appropriate TCP Tunnel application and you will see the following screen:
  3. Locate the command tab and click the copy button. Keep the window open as you will also require the access token in later stages. 
  4. Next, using your windows built-in search option, look for cmd and launch the command prompt.

  5. A command prompt window will open. Paste the command copied from the previous step and hit enter.

  6. You will be prompted for the access token which can be copied from the TCP Tunnel application in the SAC portal. 
  7. Go back to the browser and copy the access token from the application you've launched. Paste it in the command prompt window and hit enter. 

  8. Launch your application and the traffic will go through the SAC.