Check status of Endpoint Protection Mobile devices
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Check status of Endpoint Protection Mobile devices


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


Is there a difference between the phone being off, program not working, and program removed in SEP Mobile Status?

Parameters that show when SEP Mobile is installed but not configured





If the program has been uninstalled or removed, the status will be SEP Mobile is removed. To view these devices go to Installation Health>Inactive Devices>SEP Mobile has been removed.

If the application is "Not Working", it will display a status such as Protection is not set up properly, Mandatory permission is missing, or SEP Mobile is deprecated.

If the device has been offline or unable to check in with our servers, the health status will be one of the SEP Mobile not seen for more than statuses.

If the device is missing a permission the status will be Mandatory permission is missing.

If the VPN permission is missing the status will be Protection is not set up properly.

For more information see:

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