Form Recognition is not giving reliable results
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Form Recognition is not giving reliable results


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


You have created a PDF Form Recognition archive document as a reference, but when testing DLP recognition capabilities you are getting inconsistent results


14.x, 15.x


There are multiple possible reasons that a PDF reference-document may be unreliably detected in DLP:

  1. It is not saved in a high enough resolution
  2. Its content is not evenly distributed across the page
  3. The document background is too dark
  4. Electronically fillable fields are not in the AcroForm format



  1. Use a third-party tool to work out the DPI of your PDF document by entering the resolution from the document's properties window into the pixel values on the calculator site. If necessary recreate your PDF file with a higher resolution and re-archive it.
  2. Always view the whole page before creating the archive to ensure content is evenly distributed
  3. Avoid any shading for backgrounds in Form Recognition documents. Keep it black on white for best results
  4. Ensure your PDF creation tool is set to use AcroForm format if you have any electronically modifiable fields. 


For detailed information see this Help Center topic: Preparing a Form Recognition Gallery Archive (