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Device name and Enable Password resets on reboot when proxySG deployed on AWS


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Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance


The device name (appliance name) and enable password for Command Line Interface (CLI) resets / changed upon reboot, while ProxySG deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Symantec Blue Coat ProxySG- BYOL 6.7.3.x


  • In the 6.7.3.x branch the ProxySG relies on AWS userdata file while booting up.
  • At each boot the userdata is read and information such as device name, enable password are overridden with the one stored in userdata file.



Starting with SGOS 6.7.4.x necessary changes are applied to preserve the configured device name , Enable password on AWS. Below are the expected outcome of the changes

  • AWS VMs don't require to be launched with userdata at all, hence previously configured device name and enable password are preserved.
  • In the 6.7.4.x branch the ProxySG will use userdata once (during initial deployment), after that userdata file will not be used until a "restore-defaults factory default" is performed.