High CPU usage for running ProxySG appliance might observe after Category and Application Update
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High CPU usage for running ProxySG appliance might observe after Category and Application Update


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


If your ProxySG experiences  High CPU usage resource issue for especially ‘Policy evaluation -HTTP’ criteria of CPU monitor information after occurred WebFilter category and application Update phase1 event more than average CPU percentage value,  it may get caused by automated mapping mechanism  which maps old names to new names in inside.  It’s usually not so high value and negligible, however, if appliance unit would run as slowness or difficult to work, need manually operation documented in update manual accordingly.



The major factors of the issue occurs-

  • Low-end ProxySG products are running
  • Large and very complicated policy definition and action the ProxySG has. Also Policy conditions by Web Filter category or application  are lots of.
  • Relatively CPU usage is high indication unit (60-70% and more, examples)
  • Under there are Large network traffics  processing


Automated mapping mechanism (aka. Name alias table) has convenient feature for ProxySG user experiences before and after category/application name update works, but it may be caused a cost of CPU usage rather than usual manner.  It’s usually very small however under particular cases,  ProxySG may affect CPU resource issue. Usually, restart ProxySG appliance does not help to resolve.


Please take manually VPM reinstallation operation to reduce or eliminate feature of mapping mechanism consumption by documented update manual.


If you maintain policy via the VPM

The names for renamed categories will be updated automatically the next time policy is changed via the VPM, and the transition to the new names will be seamless.

This applies both to Intelligence Services and WebFilter renamed categories, and also to locally defined categories with the same name as renamed categories.


this should be also recovery about High CPU Usage behavior on ProxySG as well.