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S550 console does not display CLI output when connected via serial cable


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Endpoint Detection and Response


After connecting serial cable to front DB-45 connector, putty connects to COM3, but does not appear to display display CLI output.from S550



Connect to the DB-45 connector on the back of the S550 hardware appliance. This serial port is the right most port and is outlined in a light blue color..

Check the Windows Device Manager to confirm that one of the available devices is "USB Serial Converter". If not, Windows has not correctly detected the converter. See below to identify the hardware which worked for support in test lab environment. Note that the wrong connectors may have the wrong pin-out, resulting in unexpected connectivity behavior.


In lab testing, support was able to connect to the rear

      - Dell XPS laptop (in theory, any Windows 10 laptop should be fine, this laptop was available in the lab at the time)
      - USB to RS-232 cable (silver cable in clear plastic, USB end is clear plastic, RS232 end is Navy Blue, large and squarish in shape, and labelled 'USB to RS232 Converter')
      - RS-232 to RJ45 cable (black in color, printed text on cable reads "E119932-J AWM 2835 60C 30V FT2 LL84201 CSA AWM I/II A 60C 30V FT2 LL84201")