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No events are generated by iVM detonation of PDF on Windows 10 profile


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Content Analysis Software - CA


When sending a PDF file to a Windows 10 iVM profile, there are no events generated by detonation.

No Events Generated by iVM


Content Analysis with onbox sandbox


Windows 10 automatically has Microsoft Edge as the default program for PDF files. This is true even after installing Microsoft Office.


To correct this, you will need to modify the profile by placing the profile in customize mode, then utilizing RDP, to access the machine, and make the proper alterations.

How to change the default program association in Windows 10 profile:

Open Settings
Click on Apps (or Settings)
Click on Default Apps
Click on "Choose default apps by file type"
Scroll down to locate the .pdf PDF file association to Microsoft Edge
Click on Microsoft Edge. A menu "Choose an app" will appear. Select the desired program (e.g. Adobe Reader).
Click on "Switch anyway"

After these steps have been completed, rebuild the profile. Detonations of PDF files should now return events generated based on the expected program execution.