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Create time-based schedule policy in Web Security Service


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


A user restricted from a resource based on Web Security Service (WSS) policies needs full access to the resource(s) temporarily. (i.e. for a few hours of a day)


Web Security Service


Create a new policy that includes a schedule to define the temporary access for the user, group, IP/subnet, location, etc.

  1. Under Solutions > Content Filtering > Policy > Add Rule. 
  2. Add a source that triggers the rule (i.e. user, group, IP/subnet, location, etc.)
  3. Define the resource(s) that access will be granted for by clicking "+ Add Destinations" and adding it to the list of destinations. If full access to all resources is desired, leave the Destinations field as "any".
  4. Click "+ Contents and Limits" to set a schedule for the policy.
  5. Under Contents and Limits, click on Schedule > New > Schedule to define the name and parameters of the schedule.
  6. Click "Create Schedule and Add to 'When'" 
  7. Click Save
  8. Set the Verdict to "Allow"
  9. Click "Add Rule"
  10. Click "Activate"
  11. Ensure that the policy is placed before any other policies that would otherwise block access to the resource(s) for the specified user, group, IP/subnet, location, etc.